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ECR (Emigration Check Required) Indians wishing to enter other countries for jobs are required to fill their passport. Under the 1983 Emigration Act, a certain number of passport holders must obtain a migration certificate before their travels to certain countries from the POE office or emigrant protection office.

This means that it is an ECR passport for those passports published prior to January 2007, if there is no reference in the passport. If a passport is not registered after January 2007, this indicates that the passport is a non-required ECNR or an Emigration Certificate. Call Babji Holidays for any type of ECNR Passport Service in Pune.

Emigration Check Not Required is an approval stamp by Indian Passport Authorities that allows a person, without emigration clearance, to travele to or takes up work in one of the 18 provinces where Emigration checks are required. These are: Afghanistan, Bahrain, Brunei, Iraq, Indonesia, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia Kingdom, Jordan, Libya, Malaysia, Syria, Oman, Sudan, Qatar, Thailand, UAE, and Yemen.

ECR Stamp On Passport

The passports are stamped by the Office for Emigration Protectors (POE). If you wish to go abroad with your ECR passport, a person with an ECR passport may face considerable difficulty. The ECR holder of the passport is uncertain when reaching a foreign country and may even end up in trouble. It is important, when a person is entitled to an ECNR Passport Service in Pune, to remove the ECR stamp from the passport and get an ECNR seal on it.

Who Requires Emigration Clearance?

Emigration authorisation (EC) from the POE's before proceeding to specified "ECR Countries" is required for purposes of employment for all Indian citizens whose passport was categorized as a "emigration check requested"(ECR). From now on, the passports of all persons who are less than enrolled in education are classified as ECR passports. The Passport Authority at Babji Holidays will provide support (ECR seal) for this purpose, either on the second or the final page of the Passport at the time the passports are issued.

Ecr Passport – Emigration Check Required

If you have not passed the 10th standard, the "Emigration Check Required" stamp will mark your passport. Whenever you want to move outside India, you must seek clearance from the immigration bureau. Note that this clearance for ECNR Passport Service in Pune is only required if you are going to work abroad or leave India. You're not going to need it for any other reason, including leisure, company.

Emigration Clearance For Passports With ECR Status

In the case of a status for ECNR Passport Service in Pune, your passport must receive the Emigration Check Stamp for employment purposes before you proceed to the list of specific countries. The passport in question is properly signed and stamped with a specially printed adhesive stamp. Clearing of immigration is provided for workers who apply through recognized recruiting staff and have a valid work visa for a period of up to six months. This is a temporary clearance that stops after the first trip.


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